Thursday, October 20, 2011

I left for work about 15 or 20 minutes early this morning. I worked the later shift today so it worked out just right. I pulled my little truck over to the curb and got out. I stood on the street corner and watched for them. It was raining slightly. Kinda chilly. I really didn't mind so much. Pretty soon came a few motorcycles being ridden by what appeared to be older veterans. Then a police car. Then he came by. I never knew the young man in the hearse, but I felt as though he was a part of me. I, and the lady next to me, stood there with our hands over our hearts as the rest of the funeral procession came by. Capt. Drew Russell, lost at such a young age.

My heart was a bit heavier. It was a scene I was a bit familiar with as I had lost a nephew not so long ago and was part of the same kind of procession. Standing there in the chilly rain, giving a small bit of respect to one of our country's most recent casualties was the least I could do.

Drew Russell -- Jimmie Arnold May God forever hold you in His arms.

Lord, will we ever get it right and stop this foolishness of sending off our best and brightest to be killed?

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