Monday, June 27, 2011


It’s been several months since I’ve written anything. It all started on April 1st, no April Fools prank, but a phone call from my sister in Bay City. Our 82 year old mother had suffered a stroke, a big one. After several days in the hospital she was starting to come around, but had lost the use of her left side and couldn’t speak. What seemed worse to us is that she didn’t appear to recognize any of her children. We were told that things might get better in a few more days, so we waited.

To make a long story short, her body died on May 1st at 12:30 in the morning. My two sisters and I were there at a Hospice facility in Bay City called Brian’s House when this happened. We know that she is now in heaven with our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Amen!

Well, the story doesn’t end there. Being executor of her estate, I and my brothers and sisters have work to do, responsibilities to take care of. One of many blessings during this time was that my mother’s financial situation was such that none of her children had to pay for any of her funeral arrangements. My folks never wanted to be a burden on their children.

I hadn’t spent this much time with my brothers and sisters since we were kids back in the 50’s and 60’s. The only difference was a younger brother, Roger, who came in to the family after I’d left home and was serving in the Navy. We all pitched in and each did tasks that needed to be done. We laughed and cried. For the oldest (me) and youngest, we heard stories that we missed either me from not being at home or for my youngest brother who hadn’t been born yet. These stories, of blessings or events, gave us information on how our life walk had thus far shaped us in who we are today.

There were times during this ordeal that it seemed like I couldn’t do or say all the things that needed to be done or said. But I kept remembering that I wasn’t alone, the Spirit of God was with me the whole time and helped me through the darkest hours. Next month we will lay our mother and father’s ashes to rest, next to my sister’s grave. Had my parents survived until this July, it would have been their 62nd anniversary. That’s still a mighty good track record.

I look forward to getting back to “normal.” I can see it on the horizon, like a ray of light shining through the cloulds, like hope of heaven and being in the presence of the Creator. Then I remember, “Don’t anticipate.” So I try to continue to be faithful each hour and day until then.


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  1. Not easy losing one's parent. May the Lord's
    peace be with your and your family.


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