Saturday, September 18, 2010

Butterfly Wings

There are scientific studies that support the proof that “…a butterfly’s wings flapping in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas..”; and all this is related to something call the “Chaos Theory.” In a nut shell, this all comes down to; small and what might seems like insignificant things can have major effects on the outcome of a complex sequence of events. In the “butterfly” case, the air pressure from the wings flapping can cause minute changes in air currents and when mixed with other atmosphere changes, well, it has an effect on the weather.

You know me; it got me to thinking about our Christian living. Each day we interact with people; face to face, on the phone and now via “the net” (Face Book, email, Chat rooms, Instant Messaging). All this communicating with other people (and this doesn’t have to be up close and personal, people can view us from a distance watching facial expressions and body language) will leave some sort of impression. It’s these impressions that we categorize and file away in our minds is what I’m thinking about.

When you categorize, you have to put a label on it, for example – guitars (duh). You can put them in order by the manufacturer, like Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, etc. From this point you could go further in separation to another identifier like acoustic or electric and on and on; do you see my thinking? If you came up to me and said “Fender” my mind goes straight to the file in my mind and opens it to a plethora of information with images of a Stratocaster, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Charlie Fritsche, wammy bars, all different colors, etc.

Now, if someone were to say “Christian”, what comes to mind? Does your file have many names of people who bring comforting emotions to your mind, or would it contain people who are walking contradictions of the model Christian – Jesus Christ?
So, back to where all this started; the very tiniest wrinkle on your face, be it from a smile or a frown, or the tone in your voice can have an effect on someone you might not even know is watching or listening to you. We all file stuff away and ponder their meaning from time to time and form opinions that affect our lives. Does your life reflect your adoration for the living-loving God whom wants “none to perish”? How will your “butterfly wings flapping” affect someone today in some way?
God Loves You and So Do I ~ Rocky Starland

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