Monday, October 5, 2015

Last Chance to Save the Horse

An open letter from our Community Lay Director:

Hello to all of my brothers and sisters of Kalamazoo Area Emmaus.

I missed you all at the last community Gathering in Martin. We were small in size, but big in the spirit. The Kalamazoo Emmaus board also had a meeting earlier in the afternoon and have come to an agreement. We have been running a board with less than the number required by The Upper Room. We have also been without a Spiritual Director for almost a year. The board members we have are having a hard year themselves and not making it to the meetings, which leaves us without enough members there to make decisions. Without a spiritual leader and full board, we will not be able to continue being the Kalamazoo Area Emmaus any longer. The Board and prior Spiritual Director have been diligent in efforts to seek a Spiritual Director over the past year.

We have elections coming up for the 2016 year. The term would be for 2016-2018. We are in need of 9 board members and one Spiritual Director. All positions must be filled! The whole community needs to attend to vote for nominations brought to the board on November 21 at 11:00am at Martin United Methodist Church. The board will be meeting again on October 31 to check our progress and see what direction we are headed for.

So this is it gang, I am coming to you for help. This is your community and if you want to keep it, it’s up to all of you. The requirements are: 3-year term of office and ability to attend ALL board meetings (6 per year), active in a 4th day group, and have worked in the conference room and auxiliary several times.

This has not been an easy decision to make. Many tears and sleepless nights have been given to this prayer and it truly pains me to have to write this message.

If you are being called to take this on, please contact me at or call me at (269)357-4904. Feel free to talk to other board members as well. Find their contact info at

It takes a community to grow a community, and it takes a live community to keep it going.

Rae Williams
Community Lay Director

Time to get some skin in the game, otherwise we can all go home.  Remember what you said when you received your cross on Sunday afternoon when the words "Christ is counting on you"?  I believe they were something to the effect of "And I'm counting on Christ."  I pray the Lord has been faithful to you.

GLYASDI  ~ Rocky


  1. Sad. Disappointed. Let down. A bit irritated. Confused.

    All those things. After my walk in 2008 in Buchanan, I was on fire. I eagerly awaited being able to help with the next walk. I made a promise to myself that I would NEVER miss a candlelight service. I joined in on a 4th day group. For a while, I hosted a 4th day group. Have to admit, I fell way short on gatherings though. But the Spirit was speaking to me through The Emmaus Community.

    Why are we disbanding? It was offered by one that the purpose of Emmaus was to develop Church Leaders and that everyone was just too busy leading in his/her own church. Would it be that that is the case. I'm not so sure .

    Is it the possible misunderstanding of the timing of the vote? Absolutely not. That would compare to losing a game in the last seconds on a bad call by the referee. What went on during the rest of the game that got you to the point that you could lose in the last seconds anyway? No. I think our demise was foretold in the cancelled walks, in the difficulty sometimes in putting together a team, in the dwindling of the board. As I said elsewhere, don't lay this at the feet of the board.

    It is my sincere hope and my prayer that at least a part of the first reason listed above is true and that the members ARE taking an active role in her/his own church. There are so many ways to fulfill the purpose of Emmaus. May each of find at least one of them.

    By the way, the emotions listed above are directed inward. Toward myself. I coulda done more. I wish I had.

  2. Well said.

    GLYASDI ~ Roc


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