Thursday, October 23, 2014

Like Yeast...

I must confess that until this previous weekend (Men's), I was really depressed with our community and not wanting to continue with fellowshipping.  It just seem like nobody wanted to do anything.  Gatherings were sparsely attended, phone messages left, never were returned.  I admit that it made me feel like… people didn’t like me, I’m sure you know the feeling when that happens. 
You start asking yourself questions like, “Maybe, I’m too pushy?” or “They don’t like the sound of my voice”, well the list goes on and our imaginations run wild.  But if we let it, it will take us to a place that God doesn’t want us to go.
We need each other.  It was good to see so many attend the Saturday evening service to pray for our pilgrims.  Yes, I said OUR pilgrims. We, Kalamazoo Area Emmaus, host the weekends, and when that happens, when those pilgrims enter through those doors on Thursday evening, they become our pilgrims, our responsibility to care for, to pray for, to clean up after, to feed and run errands for.  And when that doesn’t happen, when we have to cancel walks because we don’t have enough pilgrims, that’s when some of us get discouraged, even to the point that we “take our bat and ball home and don’t want to play anymore.”
But when a walk does take place and you participate and see and hear the effect of the Spirit of God on those pilgrims, you get renewed yourself and you too are blessed.  What a wonderful feeling, what a wonderful blessing.  Don’t miss out, don’t be discouraged.  A little involvement goes a long way.
God Loves You and So Do I ~ Rocky

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  1. Good to have you back, Rocky!

    Don't think for even a second that you have anything to do with people's lack of response. Ol' Satan loves to stick his nose in and ruin our efforts.



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