Saturday, August 10, 2013

Things Were Different Back Then

“Things were different back then.” Have you ever said this tied to a situation, a place you worked, to a school, or even your own household? I have, many times. And we think about that with times in history too, especially if we go way back; like in Jesus’ time.

I’ve just finished reading a book by Michael Pinto, “Lazarus, Come Forth.” Michael’s story is very creative and thought provoking. I’ve often wondered about some of the people that are mentioned in the Bible, “What happened to them after that?” The woman at the well; did she change her life around and become accepted by her community? And what about the people who were blind or had leprosy? Did they become Christ followers? There is more to one’s life than just a sentence or two mentioned in a snap shot of history, which is what the Bible is, a collection of moments in time.

I guess we could make similar statements today or the recent past of people who have experienced God’s grace on a Kalamazoo Area Emmaus weekend. “They were so on fire on Sunday afternoon, how come we don’t have a waiting list from the people they told about their journey?”

Our community is only as strong as it members are involved; whither by being a sponsor, a team member in the conference room, auxiliary, kitchen or being a board member. A few cannot do the job it takes to put on a weekend event… it takes over 100 people willing to give up time from their life to share the knowledge of the grace that God offers us.

I know “things were different” back when I took my walk; because someone took the time from their life to sponsor me and my wife. They took the time to call friends and family members to encourage them to write a letter of love, “Why they are special in our life.” I still have those letters after these past 20+ years. Some of those people are no longer with us, but I have a written record, a snap shot in time, that they loved me and I made a difference in their life. And on my weekend, by Sunday afternoon, I knew God loved me too.

What we do today, can make people say “Things were different back then.” You have the option to make a difference in someone’s life by reserving them a seat for the fall walks this autumn (which is right around the corner) on the shores of Lake Michigan… do it.

This is your opportunity to affect someone’s life, making a significant emotional event in their life story. Who knows, maybe you’ll have your name in a sentence or two in their book.

God Loves You and so do I ~ Rocky

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