Friday, April 5, 2013

KAE Going Off Grid

This has been quite a hectic time preparing for the spring walks… we have lists of people from way back… in fact we’ve even been embarrassed when we call and the person had passed from this life; to be called to an everlasting home. The people who have been making phone calls will tell me that “There are tons of numbers that are no longer in service.” I say, “Good, let me know what they are so I can delete them.” But even then I don’t get that feedback, so we go all through that with the next set of walks. And that can be so frustrating and discouraging for the people trying to put teams of volunteers together.

Then there is the comment at a gathering or a Saturday evening service, that “No one ever called me. I’d be happy to help if you let me know.” No wonder I’m losing my hair!

One of the most common components for a successful organization is “communicate, communicate, and communicate.” We attempt this with our web page (, our newsletter (The Rainbow Connection), our blog site, and now we even have a KAE (Kalamazoo Area Emmaus) FaceBook page. But if you wait for a call and we don’t have a valid number, what can we do?

We’ve been very fortunate this spring with getting enough pilgrims to have a walk, but it’s been a struggle getting team members, conference room and auxiliary, due to “The number you have reached is no longer in service” messages. We’d hate to have to cancel a weekend event because we couldn’t provide enough volunteers to support the pilgrims. We need the whole package for a weekend; cooks, music people, auxiliary people, luggage carriers, communion stewards…

Please help us, please support us. If you've disconnected your land-line phone for a cell phone or changed your number in the past 5 years or so, please let us know ( We want you to be connected. Remember – “God is counting on you…” and so is the KAE community.

GLYASDI ~ Rocky Starland

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