Monday, February 18, 2013

What if...

What if…

I’ve counted the number of Reunion/Fourth Day groups that reside in our community, or at least the ones we have listed on our website. Did you know that if each group could sponsor one person/couple we could have almost 36 men and women for the spring walks! Can you imagine the dynamics of those table discussions?

There are people who like to live life in the “let’s wait and see” paradigm. In some cases this is good, like investing money in stocks and such, or if you’re in the trenches fighting with bullets flying over your head. But waiting to see if we will have enough people to have a weekend event before even asking someone if they’d like to attend is not one of these “wait and see” situations. We will have a walk and it can be a nice full walk, if people have a “do it now” attitude. The board has been making preparations, the men’s and women’s conference teams have been making preparations, the auxiliary directors have been making preparations; now is the time for the community of southwest Michigan to do the same.

So, what if… each reunion/Fourth Day group stepped out on faith and prayed for that one person or couple to sponsor from their church? What if… we have faith in God, who’s Spirit will guide us and go the distance. What if… we count on Christ because Christ is counting on us? Do you think He will let you down?


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