Monday, November 12, 2012

Feeling rather bummed and embarrassed and guilty and all those things one feels when he knows he should have done more.  My Pilgrim for the Women's Walk had to cancel due to health matters.  Too late to find another - and there are SO many men and women who would benefit from the Walk - but did I then volunteer to help in any way?  No.  Did I make it to the candle light service for either of the walks as I promised myself I would NEVER fail to do? No.  Did I sign up for the Prayer Vigil? No.

I suppose I can take solace in knowing that I did pray for God's presence in both walks and that the Pilgrims gained a deeper understanding of God's unfailing love for each of them.

Next time, I WILL do better.

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  1. It is now 2013... I ask myself "So what will you do different this year that will be different from last year?"

    Well for one thing I will be more involved, since I let friends talk me in to being part of the KAE board. I thought about it hard and long, even prayed for God to help me with the decision. I know it's going to be hard and frustrating, because it involves working with people and I'm not a very good sale person. But I don't think we're ready to throw in the towel for SW Michigan yet.
    Those that have ears, listen. Those that have heart, let it beat. Be a worthy sponsor and pray for guidance. You will be shown someone or something to participate in the Emmaus community and you will be blessed for it too. You're never too old to make new friends!

    GLYASDI ~ Roc


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