Saturday, February 12, 2011

There is a universal observation among parents, that when a child comes to you and says “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.”; all you have to do is start listing the endless things they could be doing, like “Have you finished your home work? Have you started reading that book you have to do a report on next week? Is your room cleaned up? Did you pick up your dirty cloths and put them in the hamper, like I’ve asked for the 3rd day now?” The parent can keep the list going until there isn’t any oxygen left in the room, but the “bored” child will be long gone, having thought of something to do other any of the “top 25” listed items from the parent.

I’ve said this to my children and so has my wife, Sandi. It’s one of those things you learn through those “informative years” as your children grow and you seem to get buried by the overwhelming duties and responsibilities of taking care of a family.

Now, in our daily prayers, we usually don’t go to the Father with “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” But then again, maybe that’s how Sister Theresa got her start. For as surely as the day is long, there are plenty of things we could be doing for God, to be the hands and feet of Christ. In some circles, this is called Christian Action. It’s more than going to Sunday school, Bible study or attending Sunday services and dropping a few dollars in the plate (or bag) as it’s passed around.

Christian Action is being in tune with the world around you; in your home, work place and community. Too keep your eyes and ears open, and stepping in to help where you can with the gifts of time and talent God has entrusted to you. As it’s been said before, “You may be the only Bible people see.”

I had a conversation with someone awhile back and mentioned another person involved in a Christian project that was taking place. A comment was made, “I didn’t know that Tom* was a Christian.” The statement caused me to pause and later ponder. What in this persons eyes did they see or not see that caused them to make that statement? Could people make a similar statement about me? I did defend the statement made against the person it was directed to, since I knew a little more about the person then other, “Yes, he is a Christian and has been a loving father, husband and helps out in different community projects.” The problem here was that both individuals just didn’t cross paths enough in similar projects where they could see each other in Christian action.

So, getting back on track; are you bored? Have you asked your Father what you can do for Him? Have you kept you eyes and ears open to the world around you? Have you asked your pastor or youth minister if there is something you can do to help them (doing work for God)? Or do you do like some children do and go find yourself something to do other than the endless list of areas that deserve a higher priority? Think about it.

*The name was changed to protect the identity. Could it have been you they were making the comment about?

God Loves You and So Do I ~ Rocky

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